With a love of live vintage music, Professor Gramophone has been collecting & playing vintage vinyl at UK events for over three years.

A unique set up of two live and amplified windup gramophones and a 21st century sound system set up means that whether you're planning a tea party, a wedding or a club night, The Professor is the perfect compliment to your event.


So does Professor Gramophone!

The Professor prides himself on playing Swing, Big Band, Bluegrass & Jazz all on original 78 Vinyl and played on antique windup gramophones, bringing the 1920's, 30's & 40's to life in the way they were meant to be heard.

With an unrivaled knowledge of some of the most exciting and memorable music made for the gramophone & a back catalog of hundreds of original 78 recordings, The Professor's love of Swing, Big Band and Jazz is infectious.


The Professor loves shellac and is a purist for the genuine gramophone sound. With 100's of original pressings his knowledge of all things Swing, Big Band And Jazz is second to none.

His unique set up allows him to take 78 records, play them on a wind up gramophone and amplify the music through a 21st century sound system.


Fancy something a little different? The Professor also plays modern hits reworked in a retro style for a party that is more than just vintage.

The Professor has a huge back catalogue of Nu-Swing & Electro-Swing and loves a vintage remix so whatever you're planning, Professor Gramophone brings it to life!